The media company of Bangladesh


Entertainment production, supply and display facilities for local and international airlines that include famous Bengali and International films, drama, entertainment TV show, documentary films, children cartoon, games, music video, song, music and animations.

We know that each of the potential client has their unique requirement and preferences and we put forward extensive dialogue and research before suggesting any content.

We believe in- Diversity- to meet varying customer taste depending on several factors like, demographics, language preferences, cultural diversity, socio-economic parameters, festivity, route plan, etc.

Quality- our strong relationships with Distributors and Technical Suppliers, together with our robust internal quality control procedures enable INFLIGHT BANGLADESH to provide its clients with content in a quality assured manner
high standard of content and its quality is ensured Through rigorous checking and rechecking
Timeliness- in this highly competitive market timely delivery of the required content is crucial
Customized product- We customize product according to schedule, location Demography of the passengers and occasions (Hajj. Eid, New Year).

Value- our strategic positioning in the IFE industry, together with our use of advanced data analysis techniques and efficient operational processes enables us to eliminate excess cost and deliver best value for money to our clients.
Focus- we focus not only on our clients’ IFE needs, but also on acquiring a deep understanding of their businesses to ensure that we consider all factors that influence their IFE operations. This focus enables us to continuously deliver innovative and cost saving improvements to our clients’ IFE offering

INFLIGHT BANGLADESH’s Competency for providing In-Flight Entertainment Content & Services

• Experience in this sector in the perspective of local market: IFB has directly provided or has been involved in providing almost all of the in-flight entertainment content from Bangladesh to international and local airways. IFB has directly provided in-flight entertainment content to Bangladesh Biman Airlines and other International Airlines.

• Content Supplier to TV Channels: The key resource person of IFB has been a regular content provider to the TV channels in Bangladesh and abroad. We are willing to use our expertise and resources to enhance the reputation with quality in-flight entertainment programs.

• Content Buyer and Seller: The key resource person of INFLIGHT BANGLADESH is pursuing the business of content buying and selling for more than a decade. The clients have been IFE service providers, TV channels, advertising agencies, media producers, production directors and various other companies. This experience and expertise will help us to provide persistent quality and regular supplies to various airlines.

• Strong Liaison with Global Content Industry: The key resource person of IFB has a highly flavored relation with Bangladesh Film and TV Drama Industry. Our CEO, Mr. Shahadat H Shamim, is an active member of Television Program Producer Association of Bangladesh. Our Chief Operation Officer, Mr. Asif Mahfuz is involved with the media for the last 10 years and has worked in/for in printed media and Audio-visual media. Also, our Chief of Marketing & Communication, Mr. Gazi Abdullah Al Mamun has 13 years’ experience in reputed TV channels, international media and has vast experience of production/content buying; and online news media. We also have strong connections with various IFE content service providers abroad. All these made us quite capable of procuring popular modern and old contents for Airways at a competitive rate by using existing confidence and relationship.

• Editing and Studio: IFB has easy access to various full-scale equipped subtitling, dubbing and music facilities. Services are available for any combination of English, Bengali and Hindi.

• Recording & Shooting Facilities: IFB also has access to various recording and shooting facilities. We also provide contractual services to content producers. If needed, we can produce special documentaries for various airlines (like safety video, video announcements etc).