We arrange and manage sponsorship for different events and occasions . We make the linkage between the sponsors and our clients and manage sponsorship portfolio.

Event management
We manage events on behalf of our clients. These include official events, cultural events and personal events. Form AGM to halkhata, from birthday to marriage, we arrange all kinds of events according to the specification of our clients. We provide innovative design for the programs and Are sensitive to our values and cultures.

Brand marketing
We promote brands through innovative and effective tools. Through our channels and network we not only use traditional promotional tools but also use unconventional tools to reach the customers. We arrange third party publicity/ news / story in the media for our clients.

We design and conduct research for our client. Customer perception, share of heart/mind, value addition, perceived value, impact assessment, cost benefit analysis, general market survey, feedback analysis are some of the areas where we provide valuable insight to our clients.