In-flight Entertainment

INFLIGHT BANGLADESH works with all major Bengali and International Movie, TV Programes & Music Industry distributors and producers. Our long established relationships with distributors enable us to secure the very best value and choice for our clients.we put extensive strategic and creative thought into our content recommendations to ensure that you provide your passengers with the best possible entertainment experience.


We also help in researching and proposing of New Release Bengali, Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Turkish, Korean, Hollywood etc Blockbusters and latest titles. We provide

  • Movies
  • Short Film
  • Music Video
  • Documentary Film
  • Entertainment TV Program Show
  • Destination Content & Travel Show
  • Puppet Muppet, Cartoon, Children Show
  • TV Drama, Telefilm, Fiction & Non-fiction Shpw
  • Holly Books Recitation
  • Games
  • Audio Album
  • Boarding Music
  • Promotional Video
  • 3D Map & Destination Map
  • Security & Safety Audio & Video
  • In-Flight Magazine (Hard Copy & Digital Version)

Our specialties in Movies and TV Programs


We provide the very latest language availabilities (dubbing and subtitles, if needed) across all Bengali, Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Korean, European and Hollywood Movies. We provide movies of all genres: namely action, comedy, romantic, thriller, patriotic, family, animation, children’s, musical etc. We have excellent relationships with most of the local production house and prominent directors and over 17 suppliers globally which enables us to offer an unbeatable choice of great content that will keep your passengers entertained during their journey.

We ensure

Licensing of Movies- our unique relationships with Indian Sub-Continental & International distributors enable us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective Movie solution
Delivering Indian Sub-Continental Movies tailored to our clients’ specific requirements
Editing and post-production of International Movies
Encoding and duplication across all Analogue and Digital systems

Bengali TV Program

INFLIGHT BANGLADESH works with leading International TV Distributors. Our unique relationships with these Distributors enable us to provide clients with a broad choice of popular international and local content across all genres. We provide a full turnkey solution

We do / have
• Expertise in selection and licensing of short-subject programming like Telefilm, TV Drama, Entertainment Magazine Show, Documentary Film etc.
• Negotiating and securing competitive prices
• Provision of dubbing and subtitling in all languages
• Branding opportunities exclusive to your airline
• Full in-house editing and production, delivering broadcast quality output
• Comprehensive quality control, including recognition of cultural sensitivities
• Encoding and duplication for all Analogue and Digital systems

Audio Program

INFLIGHT BANGLADESH’s vast experience in both Analogue and Digital audio services means that we can offer a total in-flight audio solution. The benefits to our clients include:
• An extensive library of international music and audio books, encompassing all genres, the old, the new and everything in between. Some of the more common audio programs that we provide

Boarding Music (Instrumental): Violin, Orchestra, Piano Tablas, Sarod, Sitar, Esraj, Flute, Country song …
Bengali Songs: Tagore song, Nazrul song, Modern song, Folk song, Lalon Song, Popular Film Song, Band Music …
English Song: Rock, Country Song, Pop, R&B, Classic, Jazz
Holly Booksn Recitation

• Fully hosted broadcast quality shows with outstanding production values
• ‘State of the art’ recording studio Cassette, CDi and flashcard mastering using industry-specific software and hardware
• In-house duplication of cassettes and CDi for all vintage onboard systems
• In-house encoding of audio for all Digital systems and SmartJog delivery of all digital content
• Translation and recording of cabin announcements (native/region specific speakers)


English TV Drama

Destination content
This content is aimed to promote as well as orient the travelers towards their destinations. It may comprise of general and basic information on the destination of the flight that may come to help to the new travelers as well as tourists. It also may contain specialized items relating to the destinations

PRAM (pre-recorded announcements)
If the client needs to convey important information to passengers we can help. From script-writing and sourcing professional voiceover artists to translating into multiple languages, we will deliver a seamless service across your fleet.
Welcome on-board
Safety instructions
Duty free sales
Headphone sales
Portable IFE sales

2. Technical services, AVOD, Customized product

Our highly skilled and dedicated AVOD team is versed in many different hardware systems and will ensure a smooth path from content supplier to passenger screen. With the advent of new digital Audio-Video-On-Demand (AVOD) IFE systems, INFLIGHT BANGLADESH has installed industry leading encoding systems to keep pace with the growing demand for this technologyAVOD Encoding and customized content making.

INFLIGHT BANGLADESH utilizes the latest Digital Rapids StreamZ encoding system, which is designed for ease of use, high productivity, and simple integration. This application was designed from the ground up to address the process of capturing, processing, and encoding of audio and video. StreamZ systems support real-time encoding into MPEG, Quicktime, and uncompressed broadcast quality video. Multi-format encoding means you can reach a larger, more geographically diverse audience than ever before. This high-end technology is recommended by all three AVOD Hardware Manufacturers and offers the highest quality mpeg encoding and multiplexing for both single and multiple Audio streams

INFLIGHT BANGLADESH complies with WAEA Specification 0395 “Content delivery for In-Flight Entertainment”, and Specification 0403 “Digital Content Delivery Methodology for Airline In-Flight Entertainment Systems”.

We serve in –
Metadata Management: IFB’s team of Metadata professionals are experts in the fields of SDS File Management. Our team file-number all such digital content in line with the technical specifications of all principal AVOD hardware manufacturers such as Panasonic, Thales, TEAC and Rockwell Collins. For each cycle, the team creates all the necessary Metadata files within the timescales specified by the AVOD hardware manufacturers.

Duplication: IFB in provides audio programming and duplication services. In addition to direct contracts with our airline clients, we also operate several third party audio contracts whereby some of the IFE industry’s major players sub-contract their audio work to INFLIGHT BANGLADESH.

Hardware: We provide necessary hardware for inflight entertainment meeting the specifications of the airplane and IATA.
Announcement and safety instructions: Customized to the need of the client)
Sub-Title & Dubbing: Customized to the need of the client

We provide: Camera and Shooting facilities, Editing panel, Animation studio, Music Studio etc.